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Antica Murrina Venezia

DECEMBER 1, 2014

Tessa Prieto Valdez, a certified muse in the social scene who is a writer and an interior designer, fashion-savvy
Peewee Reyes- Isidro - Editor in Chief of Mega, ,
Divine Lee a media personality and popular endorser and blogger,
Ritz Azul - young actress of TV 5,
Kylie Padilla of GMA 7 and pop royalty,
Keana Valenciano from ABS CBN,

Rica Peralejo Bonifacio, an actress, singer and blogger,
Charmagne Laconico – Beauty Editor of Metro Magazine,
Rocio Olbes – one of Manila’s It-Girls and social advocate for welfare of livelihood projects for women in need, the beautiful and fashion-savvy socialites,
Jerika Ejercito
Camille Farinas Mathay,

Abby Asistio, a musician and social advocate for Alopecia Awareness
Ms. Maggie Wilson-Consunji,- fashion blogger, entrepreneur and interior design student
brand ambassadress, the Face of Antica Murrina Philippines
Asia’s Next Top Model
 Jodilly Piendre

Olivia Medina
Tanya Hyde

Chanel Thomas

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fail to bid

A week back's bidding for MRT-3 support tumbled.

And the other one for LRT-2 last Dec. 23.

Earlier Oct. 24, The LRT-1 offering failed as well.

With each of the three works dead, the present makers will be become month-to-month. That induces propelled ahead with turbulent upkeep of MRT-3, and extra parts deficiency at LRT-1 and -2.

Internally, the get together extraordinary raised metro train charges by  50-80 percent, with no update in association or business districts.

Bidders have decried for the second time a P2.4-billion, three-year contract to keep up the included Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3), as indicated by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

DOTC said no social issue had submitted offers when the due date passed Tuesday, much after the gathering reexamined parts of the comprehension.

And the essential offering round held in October 2014 in like way drew no bidders, the working environment's offers and prizes admonitory social occasion (BAC) previous uncovered.

Consistently, a huge number of Filipinos take the train to and from their work environments, schools and different ends. This makes it amazingly imperative to keep up its fitting condition to evade lethal mishaps like what happened in August 2014 when a MRT train overshot the tracks at the Taft Avenue station in Pasay City. The occurrence left 38 travelers severely harmed.

Reliably, a colossal number of Filipinos take the train to and from their workplaces, schools and distinctive finishes.

To better serve step by step explorers of the MRT-3, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has opened the offering for the 3-year upkeep contract for the train structure. Regardless, DOTC said on Tuesday that there are still no takers. 

For the second time, an understanding offer for MRT-3 has fail to draw organization suppliers. The primary was last October 2014, which was similarly condemned by bidders, despite an astonishing Php2.4-billion money related arrangement. 

DOTC delegate Michael Sagcal said that no association has submitted their offers when the due date passed last Tuesday, despite the governing body redesiging parts of the organization understanding. 

Sagcal said in a text. "The BAC (offers and rewards board) will need to broadcast a dissatisfaction of offer and conduct an obligatory review according to rules, to make sense of what further changes should be made to make the errand qualified to captivated social events,"  

No short of what five get-togethers who picked up the offer documents in the midst of the early on advertising. 

MRT-3 upkeep contract obviously seemed testing to changed suppliers, what with the train's structures were obsolete and likewise, obliged part substitutions. 

As operators of one of the social occasions who were sent the offer files said that recuperation works are past due by in overabundance of five years. 

Backing of the MRT-3 as finished by Autre Port Technique Global Inc. (Capable Global), a Filipino association. 

In any case, a movement of breakdowns and disasters has put the DOTC and its developer APT Global under open examination over the earlier year. 

Along with poor travel organizations so far making the lives of an immense number of explorers at threat, both DOTC and APT Global are dependably placed in breaking point water. 

Now, this is especially bona fide now that the confirmations for the MRT-3 furthermore for LRT lines 1 and 2 have been extended. People can scarcely envision how the council is truly making them bear the upkeep cost of these adequately imperfect rail structures. 

More and more redesigns for the MRT and LRT systems remains a plan.

As part of its recuperation and utmost improvement wanders, DOTC has set Php50 million for consultancy organizations for MRT-3 under the General Appropriations Act of 2015. 

In fact Hernando Cabrera, a MRT-3 and LRTA agent said that the advising firm would offer heading and honest enter in the organization and operation of the travel structures. 

This money will be sourced from the extended tolls for the MRT and LRT systems. With these orchestrated overhauls, the people are instantly believing these will come into satisfaction.

DOTC has also conveyed an offering welcome for the supply and transport of 60 units of balance field for MRT-3's Czech-made Rt8d5m light rail vehicles (Lrvs), which is surveyed to be legitimized even notwithstanding Php91.7 million.